The Art of Running, Podcast #10: Jenny Simpson

I stil remember the first time I met Jenny Simpson. It was after her junior year in high school and she showed up at our Colorado camp on the recommendation of our good friends, Bernie and Clara Taylor. It wasn't just her running ability. It was the way she carried herself-she seemed older. And who could forget the "Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting" routine she and another camper, Scotch Swango, did during halftime of Trivia Night?

Over the years Jenny has gone on to do great things in the sport of running, winning numerous NCAA Division I titles, becoming the World Champion at 1500m in 2011, silver medallist at the Worlds in 2013 and bronze medallist in the 1500m at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Today she is married to Jason (a great runner in his own right and an incredible artist) living and training in Boulder, CO.

I had a chance to connect with her over Zoom last week. The podcast is a little longer than usual, but we had a lot to discuss.