Each day at the Jim Ryun Running Camp is carefully scripted for maximum impact. It's a culture that encourages excellence and challenges young runners to change their paradigms from what most of their peers are doing to how elite runners think and train. It's what drives us as a camp to choose the right coaches, lecturers and staff each summer. You can choose either our Virginia or Colorado summer camp. 

JackTalkingatTrack 2.jpg

Think hard

Learn from physiologist and coach, Dr. Jack Daniels. He's our key lecturer for the week. Called the "World's Best Coach" by Runner's World magazine, he loves to be on the track teaching young people everything that they need to know to be successful. He's able to hold even the youngest camper's attention and his lectures are the highlight of the week for many of those that attend. We'll also teach you the purpose of every type of training so that you can train smart - not just hard. You'll also leave with a working knowledge of weight lifting, stretching and strengthening and nutrition.


Work hard

We'll start each day with a different running workout and end the week with a long run. There will also be a different cross training opportunity each afternoon with instruction on water running, weight lifting and drills to improve form and foot speed.


play hard

We love to play. Whether it's our round robin frisbee tournament that goes throughout the week, team trivia and movie night, or board games, basketball, swimming, volleyball or weight lifting during free time, come prepared to squeeze out every drop of the day. Never thrown a frisbee? Can't catch a basketball if your life depended on it? Really not into board games? No worries. We have something for everyone.  

daily camp schedule 

  • 6:30 Wake-up

  • 6:45-8:15 Workout

  • 8:15-9:00 Breakfast

  • 9:00-9:45 Showers and Room Clean-up

  • 10am-12pm Devotions and Lectures

  • 12-1pm Lunch

  • 1-2:45pm Flat on Back (Rest time)

  • 3-3:45pm Cross Training or Second Run

  • 4-5pm Ultimate Frisbee

  • 5:15-6pm Dinner

  • 6-7:45 Free Time/Showers

  • 8-9pm All Camp Meeting

  • 9:10-9:40 Huddle Groups

  • 10:00pm Lights out

want to see more? 

Take a look at this brief video about camp:

Or see what last summer looked like in this one: