The Larry and Tracy Bowron Scholarship Fund

The Larry and Tracy Bowron Fund was launched due to the generosity of a Camp dad and fellow runner. After  joining us as a Camper a few summers ago, this dad caught the vision and mission of the JRRCamp. We are thrilled to have him partner with us to offer scholarships to the Jim Ryun Running Camps.

Scholarship Application 

This application is for a scholarship to any of our two camps. This does not include transportation to and from camp. In addition to completing the form below, you will need a letter of recommendation from a non-family member. This letter must include the full name, address, email and phone number of the person writing the letter, as they will be contacted in the event that you are among the finalists. Consider asking a mentor, coach, pastor or employer. The application process is not complete until this letter is received. Recommendation letters will need to be e-mailed to:

Thirdly, should you receive a scholarship you are agreeing to partner with us in spreading the word about the Jim Ryun Running Camp as a Camp Ambassador. We will ask you to complete three tasks in this role: 

1. Distribute 100 camp flyers at one of your cross country meets during the 2018 season. We will email you the flyers!

2. We ask that you share with your friends through either Instagram or Facebook your favorite moment or experience while at Camp, as well as repost 5 of your favorite posts from our Instagram account (@jimryunrunningcamp) sometime in the 6 months following our 2019 Camps. 

3. Refer 10 members of your team (name and email) that you think would also enjoy and benefit from Camp. We would appreciate the opportunity to share Camp with them via email. 

Type N/A in any fields that do not apply

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Should I receive a scholarship, I agree to partner with the Jim Ryun Running Camp as a Camp Ambassador and complete the three specific tasks described in the introduction to this form in the required timeframe.