Carrie Lane Podcast: Strength Training for Runners

I am a big believer in creating dynamic runners. Dynamic in the sense of motor skills and the ability to move explosively in every direction and in every plane of motion. Strong runners are durable runners who don't get injured and explosive runners can carry their speed out as far as the rest of their training will let them. This doesn't come from running endless miles. It comes from strength training, drills, plyometrics and other auxiliary components that create the complete runner.

This year at camp we had the opportunity to have strength coach Carrie Lane join us at camp. Carrie has a unique background in that she started as a distance runner, running collegiately at Marquette, before becoming a hammer thrower post-collegiately and then ultimate a strength and throws coach. From 2006-2009, she was the personal coach for Adam Nelson, 2004 Olympic gold medallist in the shot put and silver medallist in 2008. 

Carrie joined me earlier this week to help kick off Season 2 of the Art of Running and during this podcast we discuss the need for kids to be multi-sport athletes growing up as well as strength training and drills for runners. During the podcast, I mention the session we had with Carrie at camp. The video of the drills relay is here

Recently Carrie and Jeff Boele at the Roots Running Project recorded a series of videos for purchase, Strength Training for Runners. You can purchase those videos here.

Carrie is also launching her own website in the next few days. Bookmark and make sure to check in there next week!

As a quick note on the intro to this podcast, I had to re-record it, thus the change in quality from it to the rest of the podcast when I used Zoom to record over the phone! Enjoy.