The Art of Running, Podcast #13: Dave Wilborn

His is not a name most will recognize, but back in the late 1960s, Dave Wilborn wasn't just one of the fastest American milers (on the right in the picture below). He was one of the fastest in the world and recently, I had the chance to connect with him over the phone to record this podcast about his career, his roller coaster of a ride season in 1967 and what being one of the Men of Oregon was like. 

On June 17 and June 23 of 1967, Dad and Dave Wilborn's careers intersected in the finals of the NCAA and AAU championships. Dad won the NCAA's in Provo with a 4:03 (with a last lap of 52.4). Dave was 5th in 4:05. One week later, dad set the mile WR of 3:51.1 and moving up two spots from his NCAA finish was Dave, getting nipped at the line by Jim Grelle. 

It's always a thrill for me to intersect with the great runners from dad's era. I hope you enjoy this episode of The Art of Running.

Dave Wilborn