The Art of Running, Podcast #14: Sam Bair, Jr.

Continuing a trend with this week's podcast, I had a chance to chat a few days ago with another of the men in dad's 1967 WR mile race, Sam Bair, Jr.

A multi-sport athlete in high school, Sam never raced the mile in high school, but three years after he became a full time runner he dipped under 4 minutes in dad's WR race for the first time with a 3:58.7.

How did Sam get there? That to me was one of the more intriguing answers I have gotten so far in this series: "I read your dad and Peter Snell's books and wrote down all the workouts and tried to copy their training."

Not only did we chat about the 1967 race, we also chatted about the 1969 Coliseum mile where dad won and Sam finished second. Here is that race.

As I noted in the post a few days ago, the 1967 race wasn't just any race. It produced some of the fastest times in the world from some of the world's greatest milers.

And Sam Bair, Jr. was one of them.