Here is a list of things that you'll want to bring with you in order enjoy the week to the fullest, plus a few things you might be curious about. 



The release forms are pretty important. You'll need to print them off, fill them out, and have the person attending hand them in at check in on the first day of camp. If we don't receive them at this time we'll have to suspend all participation until you can get them to us. 

Water bottle 

There's really no explanation needed. Bring your favorite water container and make sure you have it with you all week. Let's stay hydrated, folks. 

Plenty of workout clothes 

Each day will be packed with activities, so you'll want to be sure you pack enough running clothes. Keep in mind that a typical day includes a morning workout, as well as cross training and ultimate Frisbee in the afternoon.  There will be two shower opportunities each day and we'll strongly encourage each person to take advantage of these. So pack plenty of running gear, something to swim in and comfortable, casual clothes for everything else. Please take a look at our Dress Code (see below) before packing.

Comfortable running shoes

We know this is rather obvious but, when you begin packing, some questions might arise. You can make it through the week just fine with one pair of good running shoes however, it is nice to have two pairs. For example, should your shoes get soaked by morning dew on a run, it's nice to let them dry out for the day and have another pair that you can switch to. But, like we said, nice, but not necessary. You will not need track or cross country spikes.

Bathing suit/swim trunks

Some of our cross training sessions will be conducted in the pool. There is also the occasional opportunity to swim during free time. If you have room in your suitcase, it's nice to have a towel to take with you as well. Please note that we do have a Dress Code (see below) so no Speedos, gentlemen.


Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.

Notebook and pen

For taking notes during our lectures. Believe me, there's a lot you're going to want to remember.

Your Manners

You're going to want to make your mamma proud during the week of camp, otherwise there are a few things that might earn you a ticket home. Campers are expected to show respect to all staff, other campers and the university's property. This means you'll want to pay attention to the instructions given by staff, obey the camp rules, be pleasant to your fellow campers and refrain from using foul language. 

A note on the subject of Bedding and towels

Unless something changes (and we'll let you know if it does), sheets, pillow, blanket and towels will be provided at each camp. If you have room, it does make things a little more comfortable to at least have your own pillow, blanket and an extra towel. If you want to bring your own sheets, the beds are all regular twin size. 

Dress Code

Where swimwear is concerned, swim trunks for guys and sporty one piece suits or tankinis for girls. If you're a girl and don't want to buy a new suit, you can wear a tank top over the suit you have. Also for the girls, no sprinter/volleyball shorts, and we ask them to wear tanks over their jog bras.