Opening Day

Here are a few details to help you arrive on time and prepared for an amazing week!

Opening Day Order of Events

1. 3pm Check in begins

Once we get a little closer to camp, you'll receive an email with the location of the dorm where we'll be staying for the week. Check in and our closing ceremony will occur at the same location. At 3pm we will begin checking in each camper. At check-in you will receive your room assignment, meet your roommates, and have time to settle into your room!

2. 4pm First Run

We will go for a "shake out" run. It's really just a chance to meet your group leader and get acquainted with your running group and stretch your legs after a day of travel. This is usually when parents say their goodbyes and give a final wave!

3. Dinner

You're going to be pretty hungry, but don't eat too much because next up is...

4. ultimate Frisbee

We'll put together some fun matches so that all campers can get a feel for the game. Official frisbee team assignments will be announced the following day.

5. Downtime and Showers

Next you'll have a little time back at your room to settle in some more, meet the counselors in your hallway and grab a quick shower. 

6. 8pm All Camp Meeting

At 8pm our first official Camp meeting will begin. You will meet the staff and hear a little about each of us. Camp Director Jim Ryun will give an overview as to what the coming week holds. He will also lay down a few ground rules that will help Camp run smoothly for all of us.

7. 9:10-9:40pm huddle groups

We will gather in small groups with a counselor to introduce ourselves to one another and to write out 1 or 2 expectations we have for the week of Camp.

8. 10:00 PM LIGHTS OUT

Closing Day Order of Events

1. 6am - 9:30am Wake up, workout, breakfast, morning devotions

After Morning Devotions, Campers will return to their rooms to shower and pack-up.

2. 10:30am We will walk as a camp to the closing ceremony location

The closing ceremony will be a celebration of the week with stories of what took place and perhaps a couple Camp songs!! Camp certificates with Camp photo will be presented to each Camper. During the ceremony, the top “Female Camper” of the week and the top “Male Camper” of the week be announced!